Landscaping The Backyard


Landscaping the backyard has been a bit of a nightmare. Where do I start? The Landscapingbackyard has not been looked after for many a year and we have had to get an excavator in to clear the trees, boulders and weeds.

Thought hiring an excavator would be straight forward, but also cost us for the truck to bring the excavator to the house as well as taking it back to the hire company. In addition we are being charged hourly for the driver as well as the excavator and the truck to remove the rubbish.

We shopped around and got recommendations and estimates before hiring the contractor. The estimate has been just that, as we are going to install a swimming pool at the same time rather than call the contractor back again to do in the future. Already above estimated cost as there are huge boulders and tree roots everywhere so more rubbish to be loaded and taken away.

On the positive side having the swimming pool installed a bit earlier is saving a lot of money in the long term, or so we have calculated and convinced ourselves. As the annual high summer temperature in El Paso is around 77.5°F, the pool will be well used.

Landscaping Mess

Luckily we were intending to rebuild the backyard wall as most of it had to be removed anyway to give access for the excavator and truck. We want to use some of the rubble from the wall to use on the new wall to keep the feel and look of the place the same.

You would not believe the mess there is everywhere, not just outside. The dust is in every room in the house, in the wardrobes and every nook and cranny. If I move an ornament, you can see the mark left due to the surrounding dust.

It’s not all bad though, we are getting excited, as every day now we can see what the garden and swimming pool is going to look like. We are nearly there and it is surprising how all the stress and problems seem to go away when you see the end result in sight. Would we go through landscaping again? Yes, I think so, as the end result is what counts and you should expect some problems along the way.