Painting Concrete Floors

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Painting Concrete FloorsThose subtle looking floors might mean so much to somebody who wants to keep the look of the house to be simple and energetic. But popping some colors to a house can change its look instantly. Have you ever tried painting concrete floors in your houses? If you haven’t then you should definitely try the idea.

There are various colors available in the market, just choose the right color according to the walls of the house and start painting them. If you don’t have any idea about the same then go through the under-mentioned paragraph, it will be helpful for you.

Steps by step description of painting the floor:

  • Choose the paint:

Before getting down into painting the concrete floor take note that you choose the right kind of paint for the same. Don’t use the normal paints that you opt for the wall. There are floor paints available in the market get those instead.

  • Get rid of any glue:

If you have been using wall paper for your floors than always start the painting the floor only after you get rid of the glue from the same. The glue makes such painting tough.

  • Clean the floor:

Clean the surface before you start with painting. It best to wash the place and make it go stark dry as the main problem with concrete floor is that the moisture content stays in the floor for too long and that can be a problem while painting. It is best to prep it a week before you start the painting.

  • Apply primer:

It is the first and the foremost rule of painting any kind of thing, be it a wall or even furniture. Buy a good quality primer and apply it evenly on the floor. Once you are done with the same let the primer dry for about a couple of days or even more depending on the house you live in. Paints set well if the primer gets deeper in to the floor.

  • Measure the area:

Before you start painting concrete floors it is important to keep one important thing in mind that you measure the area and decide on the pattern that you want to paint your floor. Because after you are done with the painting the pattern cannot be changed.

  • Use a paint tray:

If you are not a professional then it is best advised to get a paint tray first, pour the paint on the paint tray and then use a roller of lamb’s wool to evenly satisfy the area. Go slowly with even strokes at a time. If you are using vertical slopes then continue with the same don’t change in horizontal pattern all of a sudden.

  • Let it dry:

After you are done with the first coat and allow it to dry for 24 hours because the second coat will get attached and become blotchy if you interfere with an already wet paint.

  • Give it liberal time:

After you are done with applying the paint according to color and cost you need allow the floor to completely dry off itself for about a week or even more if you want (but seven days is must). Don’t go by the instruction in the paint bucket as different floor has different necessity. So, it is best to give it generous time before you start using the floor.

  • Coat it with urethane:

Don’t forget to coat the surface with urethane if you want a give a glow to the surface. This coating is optional and is not a necessary undertaking, if somebody suggests you about the same with compelling reasons then think for once as the urethane coating tends to give away scratch and the glaze with time goes away. If you are painting a concrete garage floor, this may be an absolute necessity – see this article.

So, if you still have any confusion whether to paint the concrete floor or not then don’t! Pick up a paint brush and start scattering colors on the floor and give a defining glow to your house.