How to make Tree Stump Removal Easier?

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The most time taking and labor intensive tasks among all trees related services is the Stump Removal. Once a tree is cut down you imagine that the difficult part is finished. However, the remaining stump is the trickiest to remove, you might want to leave it there and it will eventually decay but there are many reasons to get a Tree Stump removed. Over the time many new techniques have emerged and made this process a lot easier but still many of us are not aware. Let us look at some of the easy ways to get it done.

How To Make Tree Stump Removal Easier

1.   Chemical Tree Stump Remover

It is perhaps the easiest way to remove a stump. By using a chemical it will assist in the decaying process of the stump. These products are available commonly and usually have potassium nitrate to accelerate the decomposition, which will allow the stump to get soft. It might take weeks to get it done but professionals consider this the most effective way. Holes are drilled in the stump, filled with chemical and then after a couple of days it will come out effortlessly using an axe. Keep in mind that professionals should be hired to perform these steps as it requires a lot of experience.

2.   Tree Stump Grinder

Another easy way is by using heavy machinery designed for this purpose alone. Don’t attempt this by yourself as it not only requires a lot of experience but also safety precautions. A grinder is used by professionals if you are short in time and want it removed quickly. It has a toothed circular blade that grinds the stump leaving pieces of small sizes. Usually people hire local Tree Removal Service experts like here in Illinois if you prefer someone else to to the work for you, always advisable.

3.       Fire Removal

Common and perhaps a more do it yourself kind of a technique. Using fire to burn the stump requires safety precautions and a little bit of knowledge too. It is usually done on small sized stumps by drilling holes and filling them with kerosene oil. Be careful to keep the fire under control and never do it alone. For more advice on tree stump removal check this article out.