Five Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old HVAC During Fall

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Five Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old HVAC During Fall

As the hot summer comes to an end, there is the excitement that comes with switching off the air conditioner probably until the next spring season. However, before you do so, keep in mind that this is probably the best time for you to call a certified contractor to come and check its condition. If it has exhibited some signs of problems over the last few months, this is a good time for you to consider having it replaced. A/C replacements done over the cooler season are the most cost efficient and come with less pressure than those done when the system is about to be restarted. Here then are some good reasons why you should have your old system replaced during fall:

  1. You get to save more money

This is because you have more time on your side and can, therefore, afford to shop around and research on the type of equipment that will cost less. During this time, you will also be able to ask around for the best contractor to do the installation. Should they be busy elsewhere, you will be able to book them in advance and probably still have them come before the next spring. The time between fall and the next spring allows you ample time to work on your budget.

  1. You get to choose from a variety of models

You and your contractor have more time to decide on the best system to invest in. You will have more time to check the latest technology available for the HVAC systems and see which one works best to meet your needs. With the many options available, you will be at more advantage because you can get a system that provides better nighttime comfort than your older system. Some of the features that you may want to consider include a programmable thermostat, controls, and communications.

  1. If your system also doubles up as a heat pump in winter, you have less time to have it checked

You need to check such a system before the end of fall. One sign to look out for is how it performed during summer. If it did not keep up with your expectations, it might probably fail you during winter, and this will attract additional costs because you will need to use supplementary resistance heaters. These are also referred to as zombie pumps because they do not cool off in most cases, yet appear to be running smoothly. The bad side is that they escalate your energy costs.

  1. Do you have another option?

Before you think that you do not need to replace your system, you need to consider that there is a lot that might have changed since the system was installed. These changes significantly affect how the system cools or warms up your home. For example, if you added extra rooms in the house or upgraded the windows, you may require a different size system. If your system is too small, the chances are that you will not enjoy the full benefits. If it is too large, it will cause instability in temperature control.

  1. It is time to consider the energy savings that come with efficient systems

The more time you have to consider higher efficiency systems, the more satisfied you will be with the results. This is one of the main areas that your contractor needs to help you decide about. Your contractor also needs to inspect the ductwork and the square footage of installation. All this work requires time.

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