Washer Repair

Washer Repair Hints & Tips

There is nothing worse than needing a washer repair when your washer breaks down, it is always when you most need it. Before calling out a repair technician, check the following common problems;

  • Check the washer is connected to the mains electricity.
  • Is the power is on, check if fuses or circuit breakers are OK.
  • The cable from the washer ensure it is not damaged.
  • Make sure the door or lid is fully closed as the safety switch will disable the washer.
  • Ensure the washer is not overloaded with too much washing.
  • If there is water on floor, check hoses are connected, also checking for any burst or split hoses.

Washer Repair

Machine Still Not Working?

If the machine is still not working then you may need to call out a washer repair technician. Before calling the company be prepared and make a list as follows;

  • Is your machine still under warranty?
  • How old is the washer?
  • What make and model is the washer?
  • When contacting the repair company what is the problem?
  • Can the repair company give you an idea if the problem is repairable and financially viable?
  • When contacting the repair company what are callout charges?
  • If repair is given the go ahead are the callout charges taken into account with the final bill?
  • Does the repair company have technicians which can service and repair your make and model of machine?
  • Can the technician call at a mutually convenient time?

The list can be larger but the above are the basic items you would need to have to hand. Be prepared so as there should be very little surprises for you or the repair technician.

A recommended company is:

Sentinel Appliance Repair, 4118 McCullough Avenue, Suite 125, San Antonio, Texas, 78212. Telephone: 210-610-1964

Sentinel Appliance Repair have numerous offices, so it would be best to go to their website to check if your area is covered by a local technician: https://www.sentinelappliancerepair.com